A fresh start

snow-ridingWelcome! If you followed the link here from BicycleDesign.net, you already know a few things about me. I am a product designer, I have been blogging for a pretty long time, and I am slightly obsessed with bikes and active transportation.  In addition to bicycles and other types of human powered vehicles though, I have other design interests that I didn’t discuss in my previous bicycle focused blog. This will be the place to mash up all of those interests and ideas. I’ll be talking about bikes, lighting, furniture, sustainable design, alternative and active transportation, art, architecture… basically anything that interests me or relates to a project that I am working on (or would like to work on). Posts here may be infrequent at times (probably most of the time), but I consider this space to be a personal design journal… or just a creative outlet… or something else that I will figure out down the road.

If you are interested in design topics (sometimes bike related, sometimes not) feel free to follow along. If not, that’s OK too. I don’t expect this blog to ever be anywhere near as big as Bicycle Design was at its peak…and that’s just fine.  With JCT.design, I am not concerned about metrics, or traffic patterns, or any of that kind of stuff. What I do want is simply a place to share and discuss ideas and design concepts. That is what excited me about the idea of starting a blog back in 2005, and that is what I would like to strive for again with this new one. I don’t know exactly how it will evolve, but subscribe to the feed and stay tuned to find out.



6 responses to “A fresh start”

  1. gf says:

    Sorry to see the old blog go – I have been following it for a long time – 2006/2007 maybe? Glad you have a new space. Are you headed to NAHBS next month? I’m going friday during the day. Would like to buy you a beer.

    • James Thomas says:

      Thanks GF…I appreciate the comment (and the offer for a free beer). Glad to hear that you enjoyed Bicycle Design for so long. Thanks for that too!

      Yes, I will be at NAHBS next month, but I am not sure which day yet. Most likely it will be Sunday, so I will probably miss you.

  2. Vince McCall says:

    Glad that I have intercepted you here at the beginning of your new blog. Enthused by design, I am always interested to see how it can effect cycling industry and culture. Congratulations on moving forward.

  3. Donald Moore says:

    Sorry to see Bicycle Design go but I am looking forward to the new blog.
    I will not be at the NAHBS but I am waiting for your report.
    Don Moore

  4. Gonzalo says:

    Used to follow you old blog now and then, so really waiting to see new things here.

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