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Organic Transit ELF solar electric velomobileIn my first post on this new site, I mentioned that I planned to discuss “anything that interests me or relates to a project that I am working on (or would like to work on).” This is not one of my projects, but definitely falls into that last category. I am always impressed with people who identify a substantial problem and attempt to create a solution with design and engineering. Organic Transit is a company that I have admired since first hearing about them a couple of years ago, and I have continued to follow their innovative work in the field of human/solar powered personal transportation. I really do love what they are doing, and would be happy to see them succeeding anywhere, but it is especially nice to know that they are working to shape the future of active (and sustainable) transportation right here in the Carolinas.

If you are not already familiar with Organic Transit, and their first product the ELF, I encourage you to watch a couple of older videos for a little background. CEO Rob Cotter did an excellent TEDx talk last year titled “I’d Bike to Work if Only,” and shortly after he was interviewed by Bill Chameides, Dean of Duke’s School of the Environment. If those two aren’t enough for you, see the ELF TV page on the Organic Transit website for many more videos.

Once you have seen the older videos, check out the latest one by UNCTV for the PBS series QUEST Science, titled “Bike to the Future with The ELF” (embedded below). Pretty exciting, but it is really just the beginning for Organic Transit and for similar companies and projects. I think that velomobiles, especially those with electric assist, are going to make a real impact in the next decade…and as a designer, I would love to contribute to that inevitable growth anyway I can.

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  1. Louis Frouws says:

    Excellent innovation! I admire your entrepreneurial spirit Thank you & good luck.

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