3 favorite designs…for now

JT-3-favsAs a product designer, it’s not easy to pick favorites from the projects I have worked on. Recently, the Bungalow Company sent me a list of 10 questions to answer about my work for Progress Lighting, and one was, “Of the fixtures you’ve designed, what are a couple of your favorites?”

I confidently answered with the first ones that popped into my head, but soon after listing them I started to think of others that I left out. There is usually something I like about each design, so I think my list of favorites would change depending on my mood, environment, or countless other factors. In reality though, I think my favorite designs are ALWAYS the ones that I am currently working on. That sounds a bit cliché, but I just love the process of design. The possibilities are endless at the sketch stage, so no completed product can compete with whatever half-formed idea is currently in my sketchbook or on my drawing board.

You can see my 3 favorite designs (for this month) on the Progress Lighting blog. Ask again later and you will get a different list though… hopefully including the projects that I am working on right now.

Image credit: Progress Lighting Facebook page

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