A few of my shots from yesterday’s solar eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse over Hubbell Lighting

Our office (Hubbell Lighting in Greenville, South Carolina) was in the eclipse’s path of totality, so it was great place witness this amazing event. I didn’t have a solar filter for my DSLR, so I decided to shoot the eclipse with an old Canon G12 point and shoot. It was challenging to expose for the building without blowing out the sun, especially since the darkness came so quickly and I was not very familiar with the manual controls on that camera. The results weren’t perfect, but it was mostly about enjoying the experience for me, so I was pretty happy considering.

Shooting into the sun is tricky, so if I had it to do over again, I would have practiced beforehand. Oh well, with another total solar eclipse to be visible from the U.S coming in 2024, I guess I have a little time to practice.




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